sPACYcLOUd was created in 2012 by DC designer, Tatiana Kolina, in collaboration with several artists. The visual aesthetic comes from the world of street dancers, skaters, and freestyle bikers that like to be very expressive with their wardrobe. As a utility, Kolina is designing styles that deliver clever messages and with eye catching colors that draw attention for the everyday cyclist that want look cool while adding to their safety on the city streets. The jackets are made of a durable lightweight fabric that is also waterproof and quite easy to clean. sPACYcLOUd was created with the guy in mind that picks his own way to maneuver through life with that “Skate or Die” attitude, and loves to show it off; as well as that chic lady who lives by the rhythm of her own conga drum and wants to show off her well traveled, worldly, stylish influence as she does it.