Spaeth Communications, Inc. is known for its innovative executive training, strategic consulting and crisis management. Recognized internationally for its unique methodology, Spaeth transforms communication and teaches companies how to influence what the target audience hears, believes and remembers.

Founded in 1987, Spaeth brings an exceptional depth of experience from a wide variety of engagements. Their goal is to improve the use of proactive communication to influence internal and external audiences. The firm is known for its success in marshalling resources to mitigate crises.

Clients seek Spaeth Communications for the most challenging and complicated issues of the day, such as regulatory or legislative initiatives, restructurings, plant and hospital closings, downsizings, labor negotiations, commercial disputes, acquisitions, mergers, product tampering, industrial accidents, bankruptcies, key personnel changes and many others.

Their client base is equally diverse, covering service and manufacturing companies, technology and Internet companies, various trade associations, financial institutions and government agencies.

CEOs and top corporate officers from around the world seek the company's help to make communication a strategic tool. Spaeth's approach offers clients a competitive edge and shows them how to improve investor relations, employee communication, contact with clients and customers, regulators and other key audiences.

Spaeth professionals are award-winning, creative thinkers with an exceptional success record on behalf of their clients. Clients describe them as exceptionally responsive, cost-effective and personally dedicated to their clients. Spaeth professionals speak frequently to businesses and organizations and at the nation’s top business schools.