At Spain SEO, our main goal is to make your business website as visible as possible on the Internet. This is so that your prospective clients will find you first, before your competitors, when they are searching for a company like yours.

Our idea is to keep things as simple as possible, for you the customer. We are not trying to be all things to all men, as this just dilutes any efforts taken to achieve solid search engine optimization and the best results for your company’s website.

To see how people actually find the website for a business, Forrester Research Inc did a survey and the results were as follows.:

   * Search engines: 81%
   * Link from another site: 59%
   * Viral marketing (word of mouth): 56%
   * TV: 48%
   * Online advertising: 20%
   * Radio: 19%
   * Direct mail: 10%

So, the bottom line is that Search Engines are the foremost way that people will find your business website.

Statistics show, that approximately 70% or more of the population will look for a business using Google above all other Search Engines. This means that if you can make sure that your business is on the first page of Google for a search phrase that people use regularly, then you will get more business. This is known as Organic Search traffic and although it can take a bit of time to generate, it is well worth the effort. Once established, it becomes a very low cost way of generating new business and can even replace conventional advertising, as more and more people are using the Internet to find what they need.

This is where, SEO comes in to its own. It is what will help you reach the broadest and most targeted audience on the internet. SEO or Search Engine Optimization stops you getting lost amongst the huge amount of competition.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, has tended to appear to be a bit of a black art to some people. Although most Internet savvy people may have a general idea about getting ranked in Google or other search engines, they may not fully understand the implications of what they are doing. The outcome of their efforts could be wasted completely, they could get banned by Google or they might get ranked for a short period of time and then disappear completely from the search engine pages. The bottom line is that you need a proper strategy, not only for your website design and website content , but also for your On Page and Off Page optimization as well.

The reality is that if you are serious about putting your business on the first page of Google and other search engines, for a specific keyword phrase, that people are actually using to find a business like yours, it needs a solid strategy. This is an ongoing process, if you want to do it properly. You need to work out exactly what you want to achieve for your business as a very basic starting point. Only then can you really get down to the serious work of implementing a good ongoing SEO strategy, so your prospective customers will find you.

Spain SEO specializes in all these areas and we always put the customers needs first to ensure that the strategy we implement, will bring them the results they are looking for.

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