From an outline on a single sheet of paper in 2003, Kyero.com was voted:

2007 Best property portal Spain at the European property awards
2007 Best International property portal at the International property awards.

With approximately 1,000 estate agents advertising over 100,000 properties throughout Spain, it is the largest Spanish property portal targeting foreigners - serving 5 million pages to half a million visitors each month.

The portal enables visitors - even those who are new to the Internet or new to Spain - to easily discover the full range of properties available.

Using a simple search interface which is both consistent and intuitive, visitors automatically create popular navigation paths for other visitors to follow. At the end of the trail, Kyero.com steps aside and connects them directly and transparently with estate agents.

Relied upon by buyers and respected by industry professionals, Kyero.com publishes a comprehensive and accurate Spanish house price index.

In Today's difficult trading conditions, now more than ever, estate agents need cost effective, quantifiable property advertising. Kyero.com delivers a named lead at an average cost of under three Euros - one quarter of the industry norm.

With access to live statistics and a comprehensive property control panel, estate agents monitor the progress of their exposure on Kyero.com and make real-time adjustments to their property marketing.

Many bulk upload their properties to Kyero.com which uniforms their data and distributes this information to other marketing partners, such as Primelocation.com

Estate agents can also monitor their own performance against other participants in the market by using the Kyero.com bi annual analysis of visitor requests and enquiries.

AIPP member, Kyero.com is committed to publishing usable insights into the data it collects, assisting all parties to make more informed decisions in the buying and selling process.

This desire to publish information about information is a key focus of the technical team and remains a core priority in the development of Kyero.com.

To further facilitate analysing market data collected by the web site, Kyero.com adopted a radically new infrastructure technology in 2005.

Aside from making it easier and faster to develop new features, this also permits best-in-class reliability, resilience and scalability of the Kyero.com application.

The original management team at Kyero.com continues to innovate and respond to changes in the Spanish property market.

With the core components already in place and visitor and advertiser numbers increasing, Kyero.com is well placed to attract even more interest and surpass its previous successes in the years ahead.

Kyero.com technologies are now being applied to other countries under the Portal47 brand - a holding company created to take Kyero.com technologies into new markets.