Spanish Teacher to the Medical, Banking, Travel and other Professions.
Count on me to teach you and your group customized, learner-friendly Spanish without any prior knowledge of Spanish.

Do you want the expertise of language and curriculum specialists with the knowledge and experience of real world practitioners? (physicians, nurses, dentists, bankers, businesspersons, travel professionals, construction workers, supervisors, and more).

If so, reach me at olgamaria3@aol.com or 919-604-0104.

I provide you with:
Learner friendly materials
Fun workshops
Practical, occupation-specific Spanish
Customized solutions
Reviewing existing resources (like safety films, handbooks, pamphlets and more)
My team includes:
•     Nationally-recognized professors of Spanish and
Second Language Acquisition.

•     Award-winning professors of curriculum and
instructional design.

•     World-class Spanish language translators from the
U.S. and Latin America.

•     Respected professional practitioners who serve as
consultants to projects.

Bragging rights
Born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Raleigh, NC. Life within our household was a microcosm of Cuban Society. The expertise that I developed navigating through life now serves me in the ability to relate to other peoples’ challenges.