The top disruptive technologies for 2013 are predicted to be “Big Data & Associated Business Intelligence”, “Mobile Deployments” and “Cloud Deployment”.  Total Communicator Solutions, Inc. (TCS) is the first to blend all three. In addition, TCS is among the first to implement and integrate Qualcomm’s contextual awareness with Augmented Reality and Mobile Payment, creating mobile enhanced shopping experiences with superior end-user value in a simple to use and implement solution for retailers and brands with low costs and high ROI.    

TCS has developed the first complete mobile marketing communication platform that combines real-time information, blending it with historical data to enable its clients to communicate with their customers, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time and place.  This solution is fully integrated with the mobile payment solution.  

TCS is currently working closely with Qualcomm Retail Solutions, Inc. (QRS) to commercialize numerous of their solutions and technologies such as indoor navigation, peer-to-peer communication in addition to their mobile payment solutions.  QRS has entered into a co-marketing and co-development license agreement with TCS to produce an integrated solution that both QRS and TCS are selling.  QRS is also introducing TCS as a solution partner and platform provider to their customers and relationships.  

The platform integrates mobile applications that incorporate Qualcomm cutting edge technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Image Recognition (IR), Peer-to-Peer communication and next generation proximity based device to device communication embedded in the mobile apps.  These are dynamically communicating with TCS’s enterprise level cloud based communication campaign management system.  

The applications use AR and IR to capture, verify and record a user’s context, such as determining what advertisement they are looking at, what product they are holding in their hand, which ticket to a sports event or what TV program they are watching.
This information is then captured on the mobile device and transmitted to the TCS cloud based CRM system hosted on Amazon Web Servers.  This CRM system has dashboard interfaces that have been customized to easily manage, monitor and deliver the mobile marketing campaigns by the clients or TCS.

By enabling the control of the communication from the client to their end users, there are no capital expenditure required and no IT infrastructure investment needed by TCS’s clients.

TCS has secured a large historical demographic database of over 40M US individuals.  By combining their past behavior and match with the contextual real-time data gathered by the mobile device, more and more targeted and intelligent offers will be presented to the end users. This combination of real-time data with historical demographic data on this magnitude is unprecedented.
The company has protected its solution with a provisional patent filing, has secured its first