Spark Therapies is a community therapy clinic serving the Upper Valley of New Hampshire. We are committed to providing high quality, accessible care that encourages the growth and development of skills through specialized clinical therapy. Skilled therapists and specialists thrive in an environment of mutual caring, thorough interoffice communication, and respect, promoting positive client interactions, and improved health outcomes.

In addition to therapy services, Spark also offers SparkLife, a series of various enrichment activities designed to complement existing therapy services including watercolor and acrylic painting and sculpture structured around fine motor skills including grip, fine articulation, and strengthening exercises and improvisation structured around common speech therapy goals such as conversational flow and turn taking, spontaneous speech production, articulation, and expressive language. SparkLife activities are hosted by members of our community including artists, actors, students, and educators working alongside our specialists to craft intuitive, accessible, effective programs and activities that make building these much needed skills fun.

Here at Spark, we encourage our specialists to communicate freely and frequently in order to create a tight knit team of experts inspired to provide innovative, collaborative therapy and services. This communication and collaboration extends to all areas of a client's support team and we work with families to provide education and training to bring the key elements of therapy home with them via videos, apps, and hands-on instruction. We strive to be a clinic for the community at every level.