Through years of research and development, the team of engineers at Sparx Hockey has built the sport's most accurate and easiest to use home skate sharpener.

Our goal is to solve one of ice hockey's biggest problems, getting skates sharpened.

Ask any hockey player, when you step on the ice with perfectly sharpened skates, you are able to play with maximum confidence and at your highest level.

To date, to always have a perfect edge on your skates for every practice and every game has been an impossibility. It is just too hard and too time consuming. Someone has to drive your skates to the shop you prefer, hope they are open, hope the person you like to do the sharpening is on duty and hope there are not 6 pairs of skates ahead of you in the queue.

It is entirely too inconvenient.

As a result, too many players skate on edges that are less than perfect. When you are not able to practice or play at your highest level you are wasting a precious opportunity to get better. It is also not nearly as fun.

While at our core we are a team of engineers, in our hearts we are hockey people. We are hockey players and we are passionate fans of the game. We are committed to making it even better by giving players a way to skate at their very best every time they touch the ice.