We are a full-service company to provide unsurpassed full-service consulting services to the Salon and Spa in the Hotels ,Resorts , Country Club, Golf Course, Fitness Center and Day Spas.

Management will benefit from our results-oriented systems. We will advise owners and potential owners on most aspects of salon and spa business development from inception to completion and beyond. No project is too big or too small.

Spas India can manage the entire process or fill-in the �gaps�. In addition, Spas India has tools available to make your project easier to manage including comprehensive timelines, customized to your unique situation, detailing every task necessary to complete prior to opening. We have Worldwide Resources to make you successful.  

Specialties* Market feasibility, financial projections & site analysis,

* Conceptual & interior design briefs,
* Fitness, recreational, and wellness program design
* Signature treatments and spa service programming,
* Retail merchandising & new product development,
* Equipment selection & purchasing, * Operational & quality control systems,
* Marketing & public relations,
* Pre-opening staff recruitment & training,
* Financial performance, operational & customer service audits.

Simply said, a successful day, medical or resort spa should be designed from the customer's perspective inward. Years of experience has taught us that it takes more than water, marble and marketing to achieve the reputation and sales you need. Today's clients measure their spa experience by "people performance" as well as visual excellence. In fact, people performance is the leading attribute of a world class spa. With our help, your new spa will have the design, the financial planning, the services, the management operating system and the employee training that provides what research shows to be the critical key points of customer satisfaction. In short, the five attributes of success.

We are the only Indian company with the team of worldwide professionals &  experts. Which makes it unique and one stop solution for all spa developers.