Speakeasy Language Academy e.K is a worldwide teacher's networking platform to assist and promote independent and freelance teachers. We supply the necessary marketing tools and support to successfully promote each teacher and help find students in their home country as well as worldwide by using our virtual classrooms. We're not your typical brick and mortar school; we give our students the freedom to learn where they feel most comfortable.

You can learn in the comfort of your home, in a group or private setting or even online. What we offer:

Affordable lessons by Native English Speakers/Certified TEFL Teachers
Free Introductory Lesson
Discounted Packages & Referral Discount Program
All Ages and Levels
Customized Lessons
Private, Couples or Group Lessons Available
In Person or Skype (Online) Lessons
English Babysit Training and Development Program
Business and Legal English: Small Businesses to Large Corporations
​Website and Social Media Translation and Development
Slang and informal dialogs like SMS, email, and Social Media
CV, Resume and Interviewing preparation
English for the purpose of traveling
Conversational Chat Hour and Pen-pal (writing) Networking Program
TEOSL Test Prep