SpeakGlobal is the first to introduce Artificial Intelligence with speech recognition to English language learning in Japan and abroad.

SpeakGlobal was founded by English as a foreign language teachers based on the premise that although Japanese study English very hard for a minimum of 6 years,  many lag in their speaking abilitiy compared with other developed non-native English speaking nations.

We've created software that's easy-to-use and effective in helping people speak English like a native! Our pronunciation program, SGPRO + Dragon Naturally Speaking, considered the best speech recognition software in the world, is now available through SpeakGlobal for the first time.

The SpeakGlobal site features:
> SGPRO + Dragon = a powerful pronunciation tool that's easy to use and downloadable
> Artificial Intelligence chatbots, called "chatfriends" to practice easy conversation 24/7
> SG World, a virtual world, for live voice chat with a real native-English speaker - free! for all members
> lots of fun, interactive English learning games to choose from

Our innovative learning tools will change the way English is learned in Japan and abroad. Check us out today: www.speakglobal.co.jp or at www.sgpro.jp