SPEAKLY is a powerful language learning tool to help you maximize your potential and guide you through the process of acquiring a new language in the most efficient way. It's based on science and years of experience.

With SPEAKLY you can genuinely LIVE the language that you are learning. And all in the natural way – focusing only on the things that you actually need and starting to use the language from day one.

SPEAKLY tracks your progress and adjusts your learning program according to your needs. Different life-like exercises make learning a fun experience. Our experience shows that people who start from scratch and invest about 30 minutes per day in SPEAKLY will get to a nice active level in their target language in 4 months. Of course, if you have an hour spare to invest every day you’ll be able to get to this level faster! However, if you have some knowledge in the language already, meaning that you understand the language pretty well, but you do not feel confident speaking and writing, then you will get to a good speaking level in about 2 months.

Start speaking with SPEAKLY. This. Very. Moment.

How it works

With Speakly you will learn words that are used the most. Because of this, your language skills develop many times faster than with traditional learning methods.

Speakly tracks in real time which words you have memorized and which ones you should repeat more. Thanks to this, you’ll learn faster than with other programs.

Speakly will let you experience and go through situations which will make you feel confident when speaking in real life, too.

With Speakly you will get from zero to a convenient speaking level in 4 months. If you’re already at the intermediate level then you’ll reach your goal even faster.


Right now you can learn English, Spanish, German, and French with SPEAKLY.
New languages coming soon!

SPEAKLY is available for both, mobile and desktop. To use it on the Web go to http://www.speakly.me

Send any feedback to hello@speakly.me

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