Spectra Analysis Instruments, Inc. a leader in hyphenated systems coupling Infrared Spectroscopy to Liquid or Gas Chromatography for the analysis of complex mixtures.

Spectra Analysis Instruments Inc. is a recognized developer and manufacturer of next-generation Molecular Analysis Instrumentation which solves the critical limitations of current Infrared technology being experienced by the life sciences and other industries, in the essential analysis of complex materials. Spectra’s Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) systems are fully automated to gas and liquid chromatography for analysis of complex mixtures providing high fidelity solid phase spectra for a broad range of applications, including: Polymer and Copolymer analysis with GPC-IR, Forensic controlled Substances analysis with GC-IR, Flavors and Fragrances with GC-IR analysis, oil components analysis with GC-IR analysis.