Finally an App that Prepares Your Child for Preschool

Most preschoolers are still using training wheels to learn how to ride a bike, but when it comes to technology, or more specifically iPads, these same youngsters often have better navigational skills than their parents.  That's because iPads are becoming as common in schools as crayons and notebooks.

However, with over 1.5 Million apps to choose from in Apple's App Store, finding an app that is both educational and entertaining can be more challenging than getting your little ones to eat all their veggies.

That's why Brooke Stulz and Syndy Margot, two certified speech therapists who have both worked with kids for the past decade, recently launched a new iPad game called "Funny Directions by Speecharoo". Filled with lively animations, silly sound effects and a host of playful characters, this highly entertaining, very funny game captures kids imaginations while they learn a variety of different aspects of language and utilize their auditory memory and attention capabilities.

“We use apps all the time during our therapy sessions and were always a little disappointed that the educational apps lacked the fun and entertaining qualities, while the interactive apps didn’t have specific goals in mind,” says Stulz.

"That's why we spent a year on "Funny Directions by Speecharoo", adds Margot.  "Because we wanted to make sure it was as educational as it was fun."  

The app's only been live for a little over a month, but if the glowing feedback is any indication, "Funny Directions by Speecharoo" has a very promising future.  And, with a low cost of only $2.99, it's a very affordable way to get a jump start on preparing your child for preschool.