Carol F. Rommel is an experienced speech coach in Dallas, Texas, who works with business executives, sales teams, doctors, lawyers, judges, broadcast talent and anyone who wants to fine-tune speech skills for better marketability and continuing success.  Carol believes that maximizing your speech potential, your language usage, your voice quality, your expressiveness... can lead to successful delivery of your ideas.  So speech change is not the end-all, it is the catalyst through which your idea will travel.

Individual coaching sessions are custom-designed to extract maximum improvement in a reasonable amount of time.  Carol guides her clients through the design and development of a speech, and pushes you through the hardest part... the actual rehearsal of the speech. She analyzes your voice and speech and tells you what they "saying" about your personality.  She is expert in non-verbal language.  

Carol holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Pathology from ASHA and was an Assistant Professor with tenure at Southern Methodist University where she taught many graduate and undergraduate speech courses.  She knows that speech can change your life.