Miracles happen when you change your perspective.  Are you ready for a change?  In Catherine Revell's groundbreaking first eBook she shares thirty closes calls in her life that should have resulted in tragedy but didn't.  The only explanation was that someone invisible to her was at the scene protecting her.  This "someone" wasn't always invisible to others though.  For example, at age five, a kidnapper lured Catherine to his car and could have pushed her in but something behind her frightened him and allowed Catherine the couple of seconds she needed to run away.  This and 29 other astonishing stories weave a pattern that one can look at with the birds-eye-view and see God.  Just as the Navajo indians weave yarn into beautiful patterns that are real and tangible, the close calls in your life are the thread that weave a larger picture.  When you write down your close call experiences on the Spiritual Bodyguard Life Map you create your own spiritual weaving that illustrates a much grander picture.  When people look at each close call individually, they sum up the experience as luck but when they look at all of them combined something magical happens.  Catherine Revell picked stories that would pique the memory of others so they can recall all of their close calls since most people forget the small ones.  The small close calls and the big ones all make for a very clear picture of God in their life.  For a limited time, get a free downloadable Spiritual Bodyguard Life Map with the purchase of her eBook.  A DVD is also available at