Sporran Keyrings Press release

Our first order for Sporran keyrings was in January 2006, just after we launched www.sporrankeyrings.co.uk  a month earlier. This order was to go to Australia which took us by surprise. Little did we know how a small keyring in the shape of a gents sporran would catch the eyes of customers throughout the world. It quickly became obvious that 90% of all our orders were for customers who were getting married “it seemed to be the perfect wedding favour at the right price.” It also doubled up as a superb place card holder at the dinner table “the guests loved them.”
We are very proud of the fact that our product is truly Scottish, made in Scotland by Scottish craftsmen & women. There must be many other potential customers who would also love our little keyring whether it be for business meetings, anniversaries, birthdays etc, especially where there are Scottish connections. We invite you to have a look at www.sporrankeyrings.co.uk and look forward to hearing from you.

Niall MacGregor (Proprietor)