At Sport and Wellness Chiropractic there are no sales pitches, no pressuring you into a care plan requiring 4 or more visits per week. Beware of offices that try to sell you on a care plan before they even treat you. Our patients come back because we earn their trust and fix their issues.

Sport and Wellness Chiropractic is the highest rated chiropractic office in Knoxville on Yelp.com with over 20 5-star reviews. Some common themes found throughout Dr. John’s reviews are: excellence, compassion, empathy, caring, and getting positive results when others have failed to do so.

Regular appointments are just 15 minutes and we are always ON TIME. Additionally, there are no long term plans or contracts. The goal is to get you out of your acute condition as fast as possible.

Your condition(s) will be managed based on quantifiable metrics, and rehabilitation protocols, standards, and timelines generally accepted in the physical medicine community.

Dr. John will develop a rehabilitation program that will include exercises, stretches, and modifications to daily activities if needed.