We are a tour operator specialised in luxury tours for sport cars enthusiasts, who share a passion for travel, sports and driving experiences. We are open to everybody who likes to join any of our tours, driving programs or other related events.

Our tailor-made tours will take you on a journey full of excitement, joy and adrenaline that will take your breath away. Where you have control of the car and we lead the way of your adventure.

We have teamed up with different sports event organisers, so not only you will enjoy a road trip experience driving alongside other participants in a convoy style, but you will also have the great opportunity to join several live sports events, including but not limited to automotive-related ones. If fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, together with 5 star accommodation at famous hotels or chateaux, and driving along in the best sports cars is something on your bucket list then welcome to the Club!

In all our tours an experienced tour guide will look after you, making sure that your journey is safe and that everything comes up to the highest standards.

Just remember, with us there will always be a plus+!