Sport Scope Endzone Camera designs and manufactures endzone video systems and instant replay systems for athletic programs of all sizes.

The Sport Scope end zone camera was created to provide quality, easy to use, and affordable endzone cameras systems to coaches with athletic programs of all sizes. Our rugged, yet lightweight design allows our endzone video system to be easily transported and set-up by virtually any user and our fully automatic camera controls allow the user to comfortably stand or sit while they film. The Sport Scope is a great investment for any coach looking to safely get the film they need to better coach their players.

The Sport Scope is easy to transport, quick to set-up, and of all the end zone cameras on the market, is the only one that comes standard with everything you need to film right out of the box. You won’t find a more important piece of equipment that will enhance how you film your team and what you see on the field. Check out our instructional video to see for yourself.

We just launched our newest product - the EDGE Replay system. EDGE Replay is an instant replay system that allows coaches to instantly review recorded video on up to 10 iPads simultaneously. Coaches and players on the sideline, in the press box, or in the stands can view each recorded play in under 5 seconds after it's filmed with up to 10 iPads viewing at a time. The ability to coach and evaluate opponents in real time instantly creates a competitive advantage against any opponent.

The original Sport Scope Endzone Camera was created for a local high school team after they could not afford the systems that were currently on the market. The owner of Sport Scope, with his entrepreneur nature, decided to create a new business selling high quality, but more affordable end zone camera systems. After having one of his best engineers from his primary business, Berg Companies, design and prototype an endzone camera, he decided to launch the business in 2011.

Our mission from the beginning was to provide sports programs of all sizes a quality, easy to use, and affordable end zone camera systems. We started by looking at all of our competitors and determined that their prices were too high, that their systems were too complex, and that their end zone camera packages were missing vital components. We set out to change the industry standards by offering the complete endzone camera package that is extremely easy to set up and use for an affordable price. We have always considered the customer and operator as the driving force behind everything we have done and will do.