HUALLEN make excellent Outdoor fabrics&Sportswear. HUALLEN devoted ourself to the patterns design for new clothes and  provide all the necessary qualities that athletes needed. No one can imagine that HL will move the whole production line to the Internet, but HL did it. We have been in constant innovation and try a new pattern according to trial implementation the fabric store and fabric online. From fabric manufacturing to the sportswear manufacturer of multiple roles, HUALLEN have the inherent cost advantage.

wholesale leggings for HUALLEN's advantage

HUALLEN provides the customer greater profit space with competitive price, ability is the foundation of confidence as manufacturers. Favourable prices do not mean that it is the inferior goods,  HL from fabric production to the production of leggings are in the capacity of manufacturing factory, so 88% polyester and 12% spandex components with high quality products´╝î we  provide affordable price too.