Bonko TV Media Group Inc. introduced  a new streaming Over-The-Top (OTT) network on January 1, 2016, designed to satisfy the needs of those who want to experience all the benefits that an Over-The-Top platform can provide. It’s the all-new Bonko TV. The  network  has  been  created  to  provide  great  opportunities  and  reach  for content  producers  who  need  broad  audience  while  promoting  their  new shows.

Video  consumption  habits  have  changed  considerably  among  consumers  in the  past  year  said  Harry  Oates,  President  of  Bonko  TV  Media  Group.  He continued with   an   ever-greater   number   of   viewers   using   a   variety   of mediums  to  consume  their  TV  content.

Bonko  TV  was  created  to provide maximum exposure to those producers looking to  adapt to the ever-changing landscape of Internet delivered video. Bonko  TV  is  now  available  on  Roku, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV  and  in  the  Google  Play  Store for  all Android  connected  devices. By the end of 2016 Bonko TV will make its way to all your Smart TV’s and gaming consoles.

The value proposition for Bonko TV is its ease of use, ability to work in or out of the home, and it working equally well on big-screen TVs and smart phones. A full 24/7 Live linear channel will feature a unique lineup of exclusive shows like Firehouse Kitchen, Live From Studio 6B, Music City to Sin City and many more.

A  robust  On-Demand  platform  will  give  producers  the  ability  to  not  only catalog  their  work  into  episodes  and  seasons,  but  also  offer  their  exclusive shows  for  sale  or  rental  to  the  consumer.  Customers  will  be  able  to  rent and/or buy content  which will be  automatically  added to their  digital library.

They  can  then  stream  the  purchased  content  directly  to  their connected devices. Robert  Dean,  SVP  of  sales,  said, we  will  address  our  clients  needs  and expectations  for  TV  everywhere,  with  a  new  digital  strategy,  which  relies  on the complementarity of producer partners and platform.