About Spotta

Founded in 2018, Spotta is utilising the latest technology to revolutionise pest control, shifting the industry from reactive to proactive. The Spotta Bed Pods offer accommodation providers the first continuous monitoring system which can identify common pests - including bed bugs. Spotta uses Artificial Intelligence to confirm the pests’ identity at the earliest point of introduction, sending an alert to hotel management, encouraging hotels to treat the problem before infestations occur.  

Since February 2019, the Pods have been installed in popular hotels in the United Kingdom. The Bed Pods run off Spotta’s own long range, stable wireless network, with a low power image processing and communications system. Fuelled by a single battery which will last over a year, Spotta’s ‘fit and forget’ technology is a time-saver for housekeeping and maintenance staff, helps protect affected hotels against reputational damage, and minimises treatment costs and litigation fees - all of which can save hotels up to £67,200 per year (based on 200-room hotel).

Spotta was founded and is based in Cambridge, UK. Discover more at www.spotta.co