spottedsheep.com is an exciting new Greeting Card Publishing Company which produces beautifully designed, high quality greeting cards and ecards which are sold exclusively through its own online store. As well as tremendous value, its aim is to give customers the very best in convenience, choice and creativity when buying greeting cards and ecards online.

Not all greeting card publishers are alike! spottedsheep.com recognises that there are many people who are critical to the success of its business, not just its own staff, and its aim is that their artists as well as customers benefit from a relationship with spottedsheep.com by creating a win-win-win situation.

spottedsheep.com customers win because...
Designs are sourced from artists across the world to provide a with wide variety and huge choice of greeting cards and ecards.
New artists and designs are regularly added to the range, so there’s always something new to choose from.
A wide selection of Keepsakes mini cards make sure customers can choose the right message to compliment their greeting cards.
Free delivery and discounts when customers buy 10 or more mean great savings  for all greeting card and ecard purchases.

spottedsheep.com artists win because...
They receive a royalty for each and every greeting card sold which carries their designs.
Their contribution is acknowledged with their name and website address on the back of each greeting card and ecard.
A profile of the artist and links back to their website improve the artist's website visibility and authority on search engines such as Google.
Direct links from each of their designs to the artist’s own site means customers can purchase originals, prints and other products directly from the artist.

spottedsheep.com wins because...
It can draw on a huge pool of creative talent worldwide.
It has a great range of high quality products to sell.
It has lots of happy customers.