Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS is one of the most renowned organizers of language courses abroad in Germany. With offices and language schools located all over the world, Sprachcaffe provides services not only within Germany but to customers worldwide. Students may choose from 7 different languages and 23 destinations across the world. Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS is regularly inspected by various local and international institutions which have a common objective of guaranteeing high standard and quality language courses. Our language courses are accredited by ALTO, ASILS, the BRITISH COUNCIL, ENGLISH UK, FDSV, FELTOM, ISO and WYSE.

In addition to language courses, Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS has a Travel-n-Work department which offers Work and Travel programs at various destinations and diverse volunteering projects, for example in Peru, Thailand or Australia. Travel-n-Work also helps participants find jobs in Europe or internships abroad. Finally, tours of Cuba and Latin America complete the Sprachcaffe product portfolio.