SprayChic specializes in providing beautiful airbrush tans to its wide variety of clientele. Unlike other salons, we offer the option of traveling to your home or office to provide the ultimate in convenience. When on location, we set up a 6.5 ft tall x 5.5 ft wide Cabana Tent which guarantees overspray will stay contained within the tent. We also use a drop cloth on the floor to ensure cleanliness.

We are located in Farmington Hills and service all of Metro Detroit. SprayChic is owned and operated by Carissa and Dennis Serylo. At SprayChic we believe in giving our clients the ultimate in service and comfort. For this reason, we assume Carissa will apply the solution to our female clients, while Dennis caters to our male clientele. Of course, we respect all requests and it is ultimately your decision at the time of scheduling your appointment should you prefer one or the other. Remember, we are both professional in our work and if you do not have a preference either one of us will give you excellent results and service!

We find that many clients prefer to visit us for their session. For this reason, we provide all amenities with a private bathroom to change clothing and prepare for your application. SprayChic offers towels, barrier cream, disposable thongs, and many other items to make the experience one you will find to be very accommodating. If you are planning on visiting us, keep in mind that we are a home-based business and sessions are by appointment only.

During your appointment we welcome all questions and allow you ample dry time afterwards to make sure you love your tan! You are not rushed in and out because we settle for no less than delivering the best in client care and friendly service that everyone deserves.


SprayChic Airbrush Tanning wants you to know how much we respect and appreciate your privacy. When it comes to a treatment like airbrush tanning we know that all clients - no matter what size or shape - have hesitation about standing in front of someone that they do not know. We want you to know how important it is to us to be sure you are comfortable.

The trust that is built between you and your airbrush consultant will be carried through from the initial consultation to each and every appointment. What is shared at the appointment is kept between you and your SprayChic technician. Because we care about your results and your decision to trust us there will be a unique relationship formed.

In short, whether you have a sixth toe, insanely large regretful tattoo or just a few pounds heavier than you would like to be please know that we are extremely discreet, professional and find you beautiful just the way you are and we thank you for choosing the healthy way to tan.