PACK6 offers pre-assembled kits of quality essential tools that every hiker should carry on every hike.

The “Ten Essentials” is based on the notion that there are certain tools that no hiker should ever be without. Ever. After examining hundreds of pack lists, product reviews, and user recommendations, PACK6 has assembled two different sets of compact, quality brand-name tools designed to help ensure that each hiker (from novice to skilled trekker) can safely enjoy each wilderness adventure. The “Hiking Essentials Kit” consists of 6 vital tools (Compass, Knife/Multi-tool, Headlamp, Fire starter, Signal Mirror, and Whistle) along with a roll-top waterproof fanny pack. The "Bare Essentials" Kit (Mirror, Whistle, and Survival Blanket) is perfect for younger hikers and those wanting to supplement their existing kits. PACK6 Tees, hats, and bandanas are also available online, all in trailblazing orange!

PACK6 pledges to donate 10% of our net proceeds to rescue organizations. Hug-A-Tree presentations are also now available (free of charge) to children's groups in the L.A. area. For details contact info@pack6.biz.

PACK6 was founded in 2011 by Honor Boone, and officially launched to the public on March 20, 2013. Boone's brother - Michael Ficery - disappeared while hiking in the backcountry of Yosemite in 2005. The search, which lasted and week, remains the most expensive in Yosemite history (over $450,000).

Remember, someone you love is waiting for you at home. PACK6 essentials..before your adventure begins.