Spring Me! Creative Marketing Group, specializes in Events Based Marketing, and has worked in the field since 2004. Her mission in life and business is to combat poverty through education and inspiration by lighting up the world of small business. She works with Small Businesses to develop their authentic platform for the new economy and ROCK-IT Launch their businesses into success.
Deemed by friends a “People Grower”, she consults with small businesses to get clear on their business goals, both interpersonal and fiscal, creates business plans that don’t get stuffed away, and helps businesses grow in the old economy and new. She holds a BS in Business Administration, was awarded Volunteer of the Year 2010 from the ChamberWest Regional Chamber of Commerce and is currently the Women In Business President for the Chamber.  
Asenath brings complete awesomeness and vibrancy to life as a small business marketing coach, mentor and teacher. She is married, has four beautiful children, and loves gardening in real dirt as well as life. Besides being one of the most humble, compassionate, optimistic and energetic women you will ever meet, Asenath Horton will inspire you to become more of who you long to be!