Sprizzi Drink-Co manufactures and distributes in-home beverage dispensers and over 60 flavors of syrups in several categories.

Our countertop dispenser is about the size of a typical coffee machine and pours ready to serve cold beverages of every category except dairy.

From iced teas, lemonades, fruit drinks and sports drinks, to carbonates soda wter, soft drinks, energy drinks and vitamin water.

The Sprizzi Drink Machine has a patent pending for its technology making it the first and only   true, in-home full service beverage and soda dispenser with the simple push of a button.

Much like a coffee maker, you can add 2 liters of water and the drink Machine will refrigerate, carbonate, brix, mix and pour your favorite beverage with the simple push of a button. By simply placing a 2 ounce flavor bullet in the head of the machine before you pour, the Drink Machine will magically add just the right amount of flavoring to your beverage.

And the Drink Machine uses thermal electric cooling technology to make it super energy efficient.

Each 2 ounce flavor bullet will pour a 12 ounce drink, saving hundreds of cans and bottles from making to our landfills everyday.

The Sprizzi Drink Machine and flavors can be purchased online at Sprizzi's website, or from a local dealer. Monthly service is available to keep you in your favorite beverages at all times.

Currently Sprizzi is in Pre-Launch mode and is taking pre-orders and setting up its dealer network.