SPX Steel panels combine the strength of unibody design with the longevity of galvanized steel to provide the perfect building envelope for residential or commercial construction.

SPX is the only technology backed by a lifetime warranty against water penetration.  SPX panels are certified by Underwriters Laboratories for both structural capacity and fire safety.  The first system to acvhieve this level of certification in North America.

SPX panels are able to support up to six floors above, and withstand lateral hurricane forces acting on the wall.  

SPX panels have a continuous exterior metal skin with built-in drainage planes to prevent moisture and air getting into the wall cavity.  This prevents mold, ensures air-tightness and superior air quality.
With 50% more corrosion protection than required by code, SPX panels are designed to last over 200 years.  

SPX has been successfully installed in flood-prone areas, as the steel floor can be set at any elevation above the flood plain on steel helical piers.  Added benefits of SPX steel panels include superior energy efficiency; and resistance to mould, termites, and fire.  

Our system offers quality control benefits, such as improved precision and fabrication in a controlled environment.

SPX pre-engineered systems substantially reduce framing time, allowing for fast and precise construction.  SPX Structures offers a design-to-installation engineering, and can supply the wall and floor system in prefabricated panels for delivery to the site.