Spyware College is a members only site with FREE tools and video tutorials to clean spyware from computer.
There are three levels of membership are Associates, Bachelors and Masters.

Associates get a list of suggested tools to clean your computer. You will also have access to the Spyware Glossary, Recommended Sites and other Valuable Resources to attempt to clean your computer yourself. Choose this degree you are confident you don’t need the video tutorials and additional training.

Bachelors will give you step-by-step video tutorials explaining how and when to use all the free tools available for download.
This degree is for people wanting to simply get the tools and watch the videos to clean their own computers. No guess work, no searching all over the internet for a solution. We cover all known infections. Videos will be updated when a new threat appears, they always do.

The Masters Degree is for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business cleaning and securing computers. Building on the first two degrees, you will learn the inner workings of a Windows (XP & 7) machine. You will get advanced training that no one else offers, including registry tweaks and group policy restrictions. I teach you how to setup a test lab and even give you access to live viruses to infect your lab computer with so you can work in real time cleaning real world infections. You can download all the videos in mobile format to take with you on your next job. This is the only degree with a group forum.

Masters students are encouraged to start their own small business cleaning malware and securing client computers.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with servers and desktops. I have battled viruses such as the "I Love You" virus, the "Melissa" virus and "Code Red" if that gives you any idea of my digital age.

I pride myself on being able to get into the minds of the coders to locate the infection and defeat it as well as defend against similar attacks in the future.

I still, to this day, work on home computers cleaning infections and speeding up their computers. I live and work in the real world and do my best to translate that information to my teachings.

I want to create an army of informed computer geeks to combat everything that makes the internet a dangerous place.

My teachings are real world and constantly being updated as newer FREE tools are released. If something new comes out, I will release a new video showing my followers how I use it every day.

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