About Squawker™
Squawker™ is an interactive, electronic, block trading negotiation venue that enables investment banks, market makers, agency brokers, proprietary and principal trading firms to find liquidity, negotiate and execute block trades in a secure and anonymous forum.
Harnessing the benefits of personal interaction with end-to-end electronic transaction processing, compliance monitoring and audit trail, Squawker uses opaque social networking technology to create a forum for the structured negotiation of trades. On Squawker, traders build and execute block trade size. With every trading decision made by a human being, Squawker is the world’s first toxic-free electronic trading venue.
Squawker Ltd is a UK-registered company. Headquartered in London, Squawker is approved and regulated by the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA).

For more information, visit www.squawkertrading.com .