MOLDOVA, Chisinau April. 1, 2015 -- Squidlle, a tech-based startup, has announced that it  will integrate over 37 social networks into one simple news feed and will finally get rid of the seemingly infinite ads and annoying posts that fill our social media feeds. Announced on March 19th via the launch of its IndieGoGo campaign, the company is seeking to  raise $10,000 to finish the web platform and make the internet a better place.

The Squidlle project started because of the lack of control on social media. “I was sick of seeing my news feed filling up with political propaganda and other unpleasant things, so I contacted a few friends, who not surprisingly had the same feelings of frustration, and we decided to do something about it”, said Sergiu Jomiru - Squidlle Founder and CEO. "We saw an opportunity to give control of social media over to the user and to finally get rid of the numerous ads, useless posts and all the unwanted ramblings that social media has devolved into”, added Viorica Timofti - Co-Founder and Back End Developer.

Squidlle represents the next step in social networking, where social media is controlled by user, and not dictated by algorithms, advertisers or social networks. The Squidlle team believes that time is one of the most valuable things for everyone. That is why they want to help users manage it more productively through a web platform. The team also aims to expand the project for mobile applications available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Once the user links all their social media accounts, they get the ability  to select the people and information they want to see. This means that everyone can be in complete control of their own personal social media recipe, controlling the ingredients that are added to the Squidlle feed. It allows you to easily “Share” things across all of your  networks - at the same time - to all desired accounts.”No more commercial Ads” in news feed. No more feeds controlled by a filter bubble. Squidlle users will also be able to create "Drafts" or add posts into their “Read Later” list and much more. Soon users will be the ones In Control of what they are seeing.  

Businesses can benefit from Squidlle, as well. With Squidlle Corporate Plan, it provides access to many different accounts, even from the same social networks for all your employees. Businesses can take advantage of this to help better connect with their communities and create a more rich experience for those exposed to the brand.

“Your project is awesome. I look forward to seeing what y’all produce..” © Jay Matthew - CEO & Chief Strategist at Jay Matthew Consulting

“While there are a number of services that display various accounts at once (such as TweetDeck and Feedient), they’re lacking a combined feed and only cater to the big, big guys like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Squidlle is doing all of it.”  © Sage Lazzaro - Reporter at New York Observer

“Nice work. Keep doing your thing. Smart idea” © Rebecca Spour - Financial Security Advisor, Investment Representative & Group Benefits Broker

“If you were able to create a solution, I would be happy to buy licenses for each of my clients” © Daniel Barankin - President at Academic Nexus Marketing Agency

"I am a big fan of your idea and think it will succeed.”  © Ben Siegel - Investor

More information is expected to be released in June 2015 when Squidlle alpha testing will be launched.
For more information, visit http://squidlle.com Email: info@squidlle.com