Kenneth R. Clark started the Senior Benefit Center in 2010. He has been working with seniors and their families on retirement matters for over 50 years.  Ken has been trained in the health, social and financial needs of seniors and he uses that knowledge to design plans of action for seniors that fit their individual needs.
An expert on Social Security Strategies, Ken gives seminars called Social Security Rescue to teach seniors how to maximize their Social Security using little known techniques that can increase a couples maximum lifetime benefit by as much as 40%.
Ken also shows the adult children of seniors how they can have a retirement miracle, contribute money that grows tax deferred and allow you to draw income in retirement tax free!
He teaches clients the consequences of long term care on their family and retirement funds. Ken explains the importance of having long term care insurance in the event that a member of the family should need long term care as they age.
Ken is a strong believer in encouraging seniors to put in place proactive health care, legal and financial planning by completing and filing documents that assist seniors in making health care and financial arrangements before they’re necessary. Thereby assuring that these decisions are made thoughtfully with the senior’s voluntary knowledge and informed consent
The Senior Benefit Center uses several innovative programs which are intergenerational and which impact two, sometimes three generations or more.
Ken founded the Senior Resource Alliance of Western Suffolk in Smithtown, NY in 2006 and the Georgia Care Planning Council in Canton, GA in 2010. The groups are comprised of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The SRA and Georgia Care Planning Council provide assistance to seniors and those who care about them. That’s all they do, because that is what is important to them!
Ken has earned the following designations and certificates:
     Certified Senior Advisor
     Certified Estate Advisor
     Certified by the Corporation for Long Term Care
     Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter
     Ed Slott IRA Advisor – Retirement Plan Distribution

Helping Seniors Secure Their Future-
Making Their Dreams a Reality