SSCG is a global management consulting firm that provide innovative and entrepreneurial business solutions to organisations in emerging and frontier markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa. The group provides expert knowledge, networks and support for companies wishing to engage in business with and from these emerging African countries. We aims to act as the facilitator to provide insight into how to create successful businesses which focus on the Sub –Saharan areas of Africa. The group advise on barriers, disseminate knowledge on the most pressing issues, identify opportunities and monitor projects post set up in order to contribute to the economic growth of Africa.

Our network of professionals work across multiple sectors, industries and geographic areas with various professionals, who are passionate about Africa development, want to develop an in-depth knowledge of the issues that impact economic and business growth in the continent. We aim to create initiatives and projects demonstrating the importance of entrepreneurship, innovation, governance and investment in Africa to facilitate economic growth and development. Apply our understanding of market and industrial forces to develop long-term macroeconomic perspectives and convene the most influential thinkers to debate on the most pressing issues within the business arena, and support our clients to overcome the obstacles.

Sub-Saharan Consulting Group (SSCG) main focus is to continuously support African governments, private sectors, professionals, Institutional development agencies, Investors  and entrepreneurs across Sub-Saharan Africa in making the best of the current investment opportunities in the continent and promote sustainable economic growth.

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For further information contact us at: +441865 589022 or email: info@s-scg.com