S&S Security Training and Services is dedicated to training individuals to be security professionals in the fields of commercial, residential, retail and entertainment industries.   We empower you by building confidence and discipline in a no-nonsense environment that fosters the joy of learning.  We seek to uplift the community by providing leadership and engage in co-operation, building ongoing relationships.  

S&S Security Training and Services provides you with the life skills that prepare you for a career that is always in demand, in any market or economy.  Whatever community you live in there is always a demand for security professionals.  

We see our training school as an opportunity for people who feel their lack of education makes getting a job very difficult, to see themselves in a new light. We want them to see that they can earn a good living in a meaningful way by making their community feel safe and secure.  We also recognized this profession as a great way to supplement a first job, with it’s 24 hour demand and extensive fields, as well as fitting well with college students’ schedules who need to work around school commitments.

Founded in 2010, S&S Security Training and Services  was started by Mr. Sharriff Geter and Ms. Ana da Gama.  Mr. Geter, founder and instructor of S&S Security Training and Services, has over 30 years of security experience and 20 years in Law Enforcement.  He can also assist individuals with past legal concerns.  Ms. Ana da Gama, Vice President and administrator, has 25 years of administrative and management experience.

We offer the 8hr pre-assignment class, the 16hr On-The-Job training class, the 8hr renewal class, Fireguard prep, Loss prevention, and Beginner self defense.  We can also go to your business to train groups.

S&S Security Training and Services’ pricing structure is competitive, but above all honest.  There are no hidden costs, and we give our students all the information necessary to get their license.  We are a fast growing company, with a reputation for excellence and integrity.