Duckr started as an idea between friends who share a passion for waterfowl hunting and gundog activities. The goal was to develop a mobile application for waterfowl hunters to have the ultimate hunt, every hunt.  To date, there are a myriad of applications required to track wind, weather, hunting spots, photo sharing, driving directions, species identification - the list goes on and on.  With the release of Duckr to the Apple App Store, Duckr is finally a single application to do everything needed to make each hunt a memorable experience. With a list of features not available in a single app devoted to waterfowl hunting, there is nothing else like Duckr for the serious waterfowl hunter.

Duckr is the Ultimate Waterfowl Hunting App.  Using Duckr, any waterfowl hunter, from a first timer to a seasoned professional, can get all of the useful information needed to hunt and track waterfowl, in one convenient, easy to use app - all backed up to the cloud and able to be shared on multiple devices.