Experience in managing 60 Dermatology Clinical Trials!

RRI Group/Akesis believes what sets us apart from our competitors is that we work with research focused clinics and not doctor’s offices where they get patients in dribs and drabs.  Our indication centric approach means that we are able to recruit a large number of patients very quickly and from a limited number of sites thus, reducing costs, control variability in rater assessment (less subjectivity = lower sample size = lower cost) and easier to control operations.  A case in point is RRI Group/Akesis’ recent experience (on-going trial) in the field of acne where we are recruiting 200 patients a month from 3 sites.  I am confident that RRI Group/Akesis is cost competitive when compared to North American  and other global service providers.   Also, RRI Group/Akesis will assign a dedicated project manager to work on your project and only your project.  Our project manager will be fully committed to your project and are not distracted by other responsibilities.