In July 2011, Mike Lee, a Marine Corps veteran, launched Stateside Man Goods- a premium gift and care package business for Men.  In addition to offering custom gift packages for holidays and special occasions, as well as college care packages, Stateside Man Goods offers military care packages to deployed service members serving far from home.

Stateside Man Goods is unique in several ways:
•     Founded by a man who knows what men like.
•     Founded by a veteran, with considerable experience being deployed, who knows what the troops want.
•     Product line is constantly being reviewed, tried, tested, and approved by men.
•     Stateside Man Goods has award winning snacks.
•     College Care Packages and Custom Gift Packages are available in wood crates or rugged burlap sacks, as opposed to baskets.
•     Offers apparel and handmade products in addition to its snack food line.
•     Stateside Man Goods is involved directly and indirectly with several charitable organizations.

Stateside Man Goods maintains a round robin list of deployed service members that are eligible to receive free care packages as people donate to the troops through their website.  Since their inception in July of 2011, Stateside Man Goods has sent dozens of free care packages to the troops.  

“Over the years and many deployments I have been on, I have never seen a premium assortment of unique and fantastic tasting snacks like we have at Stateside Man Goods.  This is precisely why I founded this organization.  I wanted to create a line of gift and care packages that truly is the stuff guys really want." –Mike Lee, Founder of Stateside Man Goods