We offer both general counseling services as well as a specific bariatric behavioral health program dedicated to supporting individuals with Eating Disorders and issues related to disordered eating. Our doctoral-level and masters level trained professionals have superb expertise and experience in both counseling and psychology.

Each practitioner embraces our unique approach and focus. Our clinicians provide continuing education in the field by teaching , presenting, supervising, lecturing and publishing on best professional practices. Our professionals have over 15 years of experience in the field of counseling, rehabilitation and recovery.
Our practitioners continue to develop unique programs to set the benchmark of excellence.

Stable Meadows Life Enrichment Center located in Central Lexington Kentucky on 10 beautiful bluegrass acres. 

Stable Meadows a 10 acre farm located in Central Kentucky. Offers wellness, counseling, awareness and life coaching for people by focusing on mind, body, emotional discovery through experiential learning and personal discovery.    

Stable Meadows believes in the engagement of people as active participants in the process of healing. Stables Meadows provides services in a peaceful, natural holistic ecosystem - the natural setting fosters deep professional reflection, allowing opportunities for self-care and develops a unique personal healing experience.

Our goal is to continue to work and advocate for families and strive to support overarching wellness.

"In 2011, we opened our doors at Stable Meadows Life Enrichment Center in beautiful Lexington Kentucky to provide community support and intervention hosting equine therapeutic events. We continue to evolve programs and work with allied professionals to offer multiple therapeutic treatments. For example, experiential therapy, ecopsychology, exposure therapy and humanistic therapy at Stable Meadows adds to our unique psychotherapeutic approach for healing.

Stable Meadows is an exceptional program for eating disorder treatment and wellness. At Stable Meadows, in additional to our multifaceted programming, we incorporate farming practices by working with local farmers to actually grow 'food' to use in our nutritional meal planning.

Having our clients with eating disorders mindfully participate to actually see how food is produced at Stable Meadows farm contributes to experiential hands on learning. Through sustainable agricultural educational practices this creates a unique connectivity with food to develop tools for healthier living and lifelong learning. Reducing fear, embracing healing and working towards recovery is our goal of support"