At Stages Child Development Center we aim to provide a child friendly, fun environment for preschoolers and children in child care and day care.  Our staff is committed to helping children express themselves through discovery, assimilation, and socialization.

In the short time your child is enrolled in our preschool he/she will have the opportunity to make gainful lasting friendships, become adjusted to school life, understand the importance of communicating with others, and familiarize themselves with teamwork.

All of our day care teachers and care givers are commited to their positions with Stages Child Development Center.  Since NJ holds high expectations of childcare and preschool employees so does Stages.  We pride ourselves on the continued education and training of all of our teachers and care givers.

We understand the importance of a premium, quality child care, day care for your children.  As a mother, myself, I understand the need to not only enroll a child in a good preschool, where learning is exciting, but also a day care center that is nurturing to the needs of infants and toddlers.  Parents agree that children who have gone through our infant day care rooms and on to our preschool rooms rank at the top of their elementary classrooms.  

We are located in Woodland Park, NJ (formerly West Paterson).  Woodland Park is a sociallly, family oriented community.  Our grounds have two playground to separate age groups appropriately, plus a large sports area to teach children games, such as: soccer, kickball, etc.  During the summer months our day care welcomes Kindergartners to our summer camp.  Our summer camp offers children (from ages 6 weeks to 6 years) the opportunity to partake in activities, such as:  petting zoos, clowns, magic shows, puppet shows, water fun, sports, and so much more.

Please visit our website to gain more information on our day care and preschool center.