StampKey allows you to save any kind of loyalty cards on your smartphone as digital images. Simply add, import or export your loyalty card images to the app and retrieve them quickly from the organizer whenever needed. StampKey is available to download for free for iOS and Android smartphones and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

StampKey also offers business accounts for restaurants, bars, hairdressers and other shops which can turn any smartphone into a powerful customer loyalty tool to issue loyalty stamps and rewards directly from a smartphone. This solution uses the in built QR-codes of every user which are available for free within the app or can be downloaded in addition as printable codes from StampKey's website. StampKey business accounts can issue loyalty stamps without internet connection for 12 hours, the app also allows promotions, has in built team functionalities and the customers can receive permission that they can forward their loyalty stamps to friends and colleagues by email in case they can better use them. Thus StampKey can help any business to improve customer loyalty and aid the efforts to increase physical visit frequencies at the shops.