The founder, is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, childhood institutional abuse, LGBTQ hate and violence, discrimination and persecution from religions in America. Resources and help are available. It is important that survivors find the strength within and learn how to live again.

Hate, violence, discrimination and religious persecution are alive and well America and the key to ending them is education. End LGBTQ hate & violence, religious persecution, Transgender discrimination, addiction from PTSD child abuse survivors, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, addition rehab for LGBTQ, LGBTQ equality, Transgender.

Adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma, endure PTSD and addiction issues. Finding a LGBTQ friendly addiction rehab facility is not easy if you need dual diagnosis rehab and treatment because of addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc., from childhood trauma causing PTSD issues.

There is hope! Together we can end hate and violence, through education and compassion.