Founded in 1936 and headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, St. Anne’s Credit Union was the only financial institution headquartered in this major metropolitan city. With over 57,000 members, eight full-service branch offices, and $891 million in assets and growing, St. Anne’s enjoys a reputation for exceptional member service and extraordinary commitment to the communities it serves.

St. Anne’s Credit Union was established 80 years ago. At that time, a young man named William J. Cyr and a group of friends had started collecting 25 cents from several people after church each Sunday, to accumulate enough funds to qualify for a federal charter. It was the early 1930s; the country was in the midst of a depression. Everyone was suffering, but Cyr saw the possibilities — people helping each other regain their financial health. Cyr’s dream of such a Credit Union came true in 1936. With assets totaling $1,016, St. Anne’s became a fully sanctioned federal credit union; Cyr went on to found 36 more credit unions throughout New England.

St. Anne’s Credit Union maintains Cyr’s original commitment to members and to the community to this very day - people have looked to St. Anne’s Credit Union as a sound, safe place for the best in checking, savings, investment, and retirement accounts. Also a leader in mortgage lending and consumer lending, more and more people turn to St. Anne’s to secure loans for used cars, trucks and vans, higher education, and mortgages, retirement advice, home improvements and more.

We’re a local financial institution focused on the community, reinforcing our motto “We’re Making a Difference” every single day.