StargazerSDAnthologies.com is a web site literary directory of blogs, articles, short stories, and novels. Authors are able to post their best samples on the site for free.

Readers can use quick drop-down menus to search the star-studded skies for their favorite topics. Readers will be able to purchase pre-loaded micro SD card anthologies compiled by their favorite authors. The tiny “library on a card” will offer a wealth of additional space to load personal data, photo, video, and music files for instant recall on a smart phone, PDA, reader, or laptop.

Behind StargazerSDAnthologies.com is the desire to help bloggers and authors extend their visibility and increase their readership. Ron, a blogger himself, found the process extremely discouraging and reported that, “Most bloggers give up before their first anniversary.” Authors, article writers, short story writers, novelists, and public speakers find it even tougher to get started. “Many of them are extremely talented and they end up dropping their pens or their microphones before they arrive at the launch pad.” They don’t have the money to finance their frustrating journey.

Authors, bloggers, writers and speakers who publish their anthologies and books at StargazerSDAnthologies.com are paid royalties for their sales. Blog and web site owners will no longer have to depend on the nickels and dimes generated by irritating pop-ups and distracting ads which eventually drive readers away.

Advantages to blog writers and authors are: free advertising and exposure, cross-linking, an RSS feed, increased traffic, recognition, referrals, and royalties.

Readers at Stargazersdanthologies.com have a quick categorized directory for locating their favorite topics. The “library on a card” purchase option allows readers the ability to access their favorites anytime and anywhere – no searching for WIFI hotspots and no worrying about “dead zones.” The cards provide plenty of storage capacity for adding important personal data, photo, music, and video files. Internet access air-time fees will also be saved.

Public speakers will find the site valuable for the exposure and for researching new topics and material.

“This fresh approach to smart phone optimization will have a life-changing impact upon the smart phone-driven future.”