My name is Philip Stark and I’d like to introduce you to my new brand - STARK COFFEE.

For over 20 years, I’ve been on a relentless quest for the perfect home-brewed cup of coffee. I’ve now finally come up with the perfect selections.

I believe that STARK COFFEE is the best-tasting coffee in the universe. I describe it as Authentic, Exquisite and Exceptional. Our high quality, 100% Arabica beans are sold online direct to consumers right to their doorstep. We help our clientele make the perfect barista-style coffee at home, enjoying a magical moment at the very first sip

We’re obsessed with giving you “top of the crop” beans, from farm to home, single origin, meticulously hand-crafted by experts and fire-roasted for more flavor – all accomplished using a century-old secret roasting technique.

And what’s more…..we include 33% more beans in every bag for up to 20% less dollars.

Please review our website at www.philipstarkcoffee.com