For the low cost of only R29.00 per month and no need for any contractual agreements.
Introducing, the most cost effective online shop rentals, all in an easy to navigate digital shopping mall directory. Sell, promote and manage your own content.
Star Link is an all new business directory, giving clients from every industry, everywhere in the world, the ability to create, change, update or remove any content on their shop. Keep your information about your products or services as up to date as possible at an affordable rate.

Star Link proudly presents, Star Shop.
Spend less time on having to wait for webmasters to update your website and organize your information as per your request.
Do all of this by yourself, in no time at all, in the most cost effective way. This system is specially designed for the ease of access for everybody who wants to attempt online shopping. Use the search engine to find what you are looking for.
In less than a minute, you can find the correct contact details of the supplying company.

The renting of a Starshop, will take your products worldwide at the super low cost of R29.00 per month or R330.00 per annum,  to save on bank costs. The content management plug-in dashboard will give you access to great customization options such as:

    -     Changing the wallpaper of your shop to any picture of your choice and give it some             character of theme design to suit your individual taste.

    -     Change, update or remove contact details

    -     Upload up to 11 products with a picture to define description and the price.

    -     Upload or change your logo picture.

    -     Up to 8323 text characters available for company details, information and summary, on             services, plus descriptions and page titles

    -     upload up to 10 recent events, functions or any pictures related to your business.

    -     Each shop comes with a contact form , payment gateway for clients and customers             to purchase your products or services with their credit cards plus a form that can be             completed should they require more information.

All content can be changed 24 hours a day 7 days a week at no extra expense ever, and you have the freedom of doing it on your own time. Changing shop information using the content management system is as easy as 1,2,3.

Star Link is programmed to automatically index company information making the registration for the free listing easier.

Once a company is indexed, an email will be sent to that company via email, presenting the login details for the cms, as well as the link to their shop for easy  first time viewing purposes.
This is 100% free of charge.

Once the login details are received, click on the login button to log into the cms for shop customization.

If you have not yet been added automatically, please come add your company manually. Go to the Star Link website and click on the “add your business” button on the top left corner. Once you are on the Star Link Star Shop, click on the register button on the top menu in the shop. Once you slide onto the register screen, you can complete your company details there and click register. We hope to see you soon! This system is the future of business transactions today.