The Starlite Collection is a photography business highlighting unique images of nature by photographer, F.M. Kearney.

F.M. Kearney is an award-winning nature photographer, whose creativity, as well as his passion for bright, vivid colors, is clearly evident in much of his floral work. Some of these photographs are the products of a compilation of as many as six or seven different techniques he’s learned over the years. These techniques range from using a simple black cloth in order to help the subject stand out better; to a complex double or triple exposure to produce a soft, romantic glow around the image. He’s also created customized backgrounds to use as colorful backdrops.  As a film shooter, most of his techniques are created in-camera. Digital effects are primarily reserved for color and/or exposure optimization.

Kearney's work has been exhibited in galleries across the United States and Canada, as well as a fine art museum in Florida. He’s been published in numerous books and magazines including Birds & Blooms, Florist and Décor. As a member of NANPA (The North American Nature Photography Association), he’s also a frequent contributor to Currents, the organization’s official magazine.

The photos illustrated by The Starlite Collection are available for licensing, or as original unframed prints.