Welcome to Stars Football, the UK education and football project created to provide quality football resources and guidance for parents and players.

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At Stars Football Academy in the UK we organise all things relating to football and education. Our products range from full time education in a professional soccer academy to one week taster visits and football training camps. We are a truly global operation with groups from as far afield as New Zealand and Australia having visited recently and students from Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria, Brazil, India and Italy to name but a few studying in our own programs.

We are experienced in helping young boys transition into UK football and education and to help them develop and find their level and potential. In recent years we have developed boys that are now plying their trade as fully fledged professional footballers and getting paid for the privilege after having football trials at some of the biggest clubs in the world!

Our ethos is to create a situation where the player is provided with the platform for success and the tools to express his talent and develop as a player whilst maintaining a strong educational perspective and pathway. In essence this dual pronged methodology produces young men who are either ready for professional football or ready for university and a life without professional football.

In other words they will have found their level and be ready to progress to the next stage of their life with emotional equilibrium. We support and manage these boys whether they be in boarding schools or in one of our own programs to guide them to the point of stepping forward in life.

Of course we also run holiday football training camps and short term programs for people who want to come and develop their skills in the UK too. We can cater for groups or individuals please drop us an email to info@starsfootball.co.uk to find out more.