Stars of Tomorrow, Inc. is a non-profit organization that will be helping our youth of today become more successful tomorrow. This foundation will be lead by former and also current NFL & NBA players, entrepreneurs, music artists, and even doctors who have a common goal to give back to the communities from which they came from and succeeded.

There are many children around the United States that just do not have the same opportunities of more fortunate youth. This is where Stars of Tomorrow steps in. Stars of Tomorrow will be providing backpacks, school utensils, and in some cases, even clothing for those less fortunate children. Stars of Tomorrow will also be providing funding for scholarship opportunities for prospective college students. Every child should have an equal opportunity to succeed in this world and the Stars of Tomorrow foundation is willing to make sure that this happens.

For more information about the Stars of Tomorrow foundation, please visit www.starsoftomorrowfoundation.org to learn how you may help and get involved with the foundation for our future.